मोडी दस्तऐवज लिप्यंतरासाठी कसे पाठवावेत?

१. सर्वप्रथम आपल्या दस्तऐवजाची PDF तयार करायची आहे. त्यासाठी झेरॉक्स अथवा सायबर कॅफेवाल्यांकडे असतात तश्या स्कॅनर्सवर आपले दस्तऐवज 300dpi वर स्कॅन करुन घ्यावेत व सर्व फोटोंची मिळून एक PDF तयार करुन घ्यावी.

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३. PDF पाठवताना आपला परिचय लिहावा. जसे: आपले नाव, फोन नंबर, पत्ता इ.

फोनवर संपर्क साधायचा असेल तर 9920028859 ह्या क्रमांकावर सकाळी ११ ते सायं. ६ ह्या वेळेमध्ये सोमवार ते शुक्रवार ह्या दिवसांत फोन करुन सविस्तर माहिती द्यावी.

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आपले कागदपत्र पाठवायचे असल्यास कृपया येथे क्लिक करुन फॉर्मसोबत जोडावेत.

भागीदारी योजनेचे पत्रक

This letter is written in Modi Script or मोडी लिपी on 5th March 1876 by Mr. Ramchandra Balkrishna Oak. Through this letter, Mr. Oak has appealed to all the staff members of the Collector office of Dharwad, residents, and labors of Savanur city to become a shareholder by paying Rs. 10/- per share in a shop opened in Pune.

At the beginning of the letter Mr. Oak addressed the recipients as proud brothers of the country. He further states for the last 50 years people in overseas countries were amazed to see the knowledge, business, and skills in Hindusthan (India) but lately it is downrated. To resuscitate skills and business, a shop is opened in Pune by one team and each share costs Rs. 10/-. Mr. Oak reminds the recipients of the letter that when the objective of the shop and rules were orally told and products manufactured in the factory were shown to the proposed shareholders, they were pleased and said that they want to be a shareholder in the shop. Mr. Oak has attached a chart with this letter where proposed shareholders can fill the details like how many shares they want to buy and when. Mr. Oak says that it will be a favor if the cash is paid today by proposed shareholders and he assures that he will send money to Pune and get the receipt with the agent's signature.

In the end the date is written and Mr. Oak has signed the letter by writing his designation as a Manager in partnership for the said shop. This letter has a connection with the first letter - An appeal to become shareholder.