About me

My name is Kanchan Karai. I undertake *translation and *transliteration jobs. I have translated 15,063 words so far.

I am one of the few persons who have have edited the knowledge to decipher ancient "MoDi" (मोडी) script documents.

For translation, my working language pairs are:

1. English to Marathi

2. Hindi to Marathi

3. Gujarati to Marathi

4. Gujarati to Hindi

5. Marathi to Hindi

For transliteration, my working script pairs are:

1. MoDi to Devanagari (Language: Marathi or Hindi)

Please send a high resolution scanned copy of your documents to my email id mentioned in contact. If the file size is bigger, use WE TRANSFER. Please do not send a photograph of the document.

If you want to send a xerox copy of your document by post, please call me on my mobile number to know the address.

*Charges may vary depending on complexity of the words and condition of the document.

These are my certificates for completing MoDi Script Course. I have scored 97.5% in Basic and 96% in Advance course.
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